Preserving Our Past For The Future

Monthly Archives: April 2011

William Shakespeare wrote “To thine own self be true.” Boy, the sage doth hitteth the nail on the head! I have found (more often than I wish to admit) that I have spent my life in juvenile “phases”…needing to be, act and look like everyone else in order to fit in. I have gone places I didn’t wish to go, with people I didn’t wish to be with, and ended up doing things I regretted…even if the regret was only the wasting of time with the aforementioned folks instead of doing something much more cool that I really wanted to do.

Ya know….an orchestra plays the same tune, but it is made up of all different instruments¬†. God made some of us trombones, some of us tubas, and some cymbals. I tend to think I am kinda the loud clattering one. But He made us all to play together, yet do it in a unique way to make a unified sound and experience. So I’ve decided to let go of the status quo and just be me. I’ve decided I will speak truth to myself and then let myself be a little abnormal and unconventional at times. I have a feeling abnormal will be a lot less tiring…’cause pretending to be normal day after day is pretty darn exhausting.