Preserving Our Past For The Future

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Sometimes it takes years to find your own little niche….that place where you fit, find your calling, and feel great in your own skin. Often it is more about searching for and discovering your life’s sweet spot. It is a place where you thrive, you do things with virtually no effort, you glide through days even when they have challenges here and there, and you wear a goofy grin on your face pretty much all the time. You know then you have found your life’s sweet spot.

How do you put aside the negatives like the job that does not fulfill, the relationships that have dulled, the restlessness in your soul? Self-evaluate and ask yourself some questions like these:

*What am I great at…or what do others tell me I excel in?

*What brings me the most joy and contentment…day in and day out?

*What do I want to learn more about?

*What do I dream about, think about, ponder on most of the time?

*What will people pay me enough to do for my primary living or at least I think they might?

*What do others keep asking me to do for them?

Look through your past jobs, relationships, hobbies, committees and club activities. Where did you serve, what did you do, and how did you feel you did in those positions and places? Any stand out for you as GREAT?  If so, that could be the place you need to pursue as your permanent calling…your sweet spot.

I am pretty sure I have found my sweet spot in my work life. I love what I do, people are paying me to do it, and over time I can see myself and my company becoming the “go to” place for the services and products I provide. It is comforting and exciting to be in this spot, and I can tell you…right now it feels pretty sweet.



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