Preserving Our Past For The Future

Today was my first day in the office for the week. The last two days were spent touring the zoo with my mom, daughter and granddaughter, and then a second day at home reading. Wonder if I could find a way to get paid and do that every week! The weather has been incredible and it was so good to get away from the office a bit and rejuvenate. There’s nothing like fresh air and sunshine to calm the soul and put all things into perspective again. Today at the office went well and a lot of forward movement was made with decorating the TLC Room, The Learning Center, which is our brand new staff room.

We are decorating it with posters and memorabilia from the World War II era. Everywhere you look are pics of women working on airplanes or in factories, Rosie the Riveteer, and patriotic symbols in red, white and blue. We want a place where we can learn, and still be reminded that the sacrifice of women when they enter the workforce now is not so much different than it was then.

It is just as difficult to leave the family now, as it was for the men to leave their wives when the war front beckoned. The phones were ringing off the wall today with new business and we got great feedback from a new cleaning we did at the first of the week, and then secured her for a regular cleaning each month. Woohoohoo!  Funny Facebook posting today from my daughter ended the day with a giggle. Two year old Lorelai has been learning all kinds of songs and rhymes for months now. She brings her mom a Kleenex tonight and sings to her “Dinah won’t you blow, Dinah won’t you blow, Dinah won’t you blow your NOSE”. Ha…gotta love it.

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