Preserving Our Past For The Future

Thanksgiving came and went, with little leftovers, except a slight case of indigestion from overeating. Dwight’s niece went into labor the following morning and tiny, beautiful Lily Marie was born. Sad part, baby’s grandmother had to stay home and miss the blessed event due to a case of pneumonia. She had posted on Facebook several times to her daughter as she was recuperating from the delivery. In her last post, she mentioned having a “tear”  then said ” I will come by and see you tomorrow, even if it is only through a glass door.” I wonder how many of us woke up today and are in pretty much the same spot with our own lives. Days go by and life runs through our fingers like a stream of water from a faucet, we shed a tear here and there as we look at our life to be as if through a glass door.

We see what our life could be…we can almost reach out and touch it…the places we could be going, sights we could see, the things we could be doing, those we would maybe meet, the difference we could make…but it is only as if through a glass door.We feel something is blocking our way, keeping the things we desire the most, just out of our grasp. What is keeping us from the life we were meant to have? Is the glass door a difficult relationship that has lost its joy? Are we in a dead end job? Have we lost the motivation to dream the big dreams for ourselves? Are we stuck because too many changes must happen before the glass can be shattered for us? Or maybe we just need to just take a look at the door again…a door has a knob for a reason. And interestingly, the knob fits our own hand.

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