Preserving Our Past For The Future

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In reading my Facebook this morning, I stumbled across a picture of a golden zebra. I clicked on the article and it was very interesting. Seems little Zoe the zebra lives in Hawaii, among normal zebras, but bears its strange color due to a “birth defect”. The defect, interestingly enough, appears enhanced and vivid in the photo, rather than the muted almost albino-looking hide that is the actual covering of the zebra. Rather than hide the defect, it was made more pronounced until it caught interest and became a rarity. Enhancement of the defect has made this little critter  a social media phenomenon and the post has pretty much gone viral. What started out as something that distinguished it as having being less desirable has made it into a highly desired animal. I want to be a golden zebra in my business…even in my life, don’t you?  Take the “negative”, make something positive out of it, and market that sucker as the best kept secret since sliced bread. Be the one who stands out, not the one who blends in.

golden zebra zoe2

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